News from Nicaragua

Unfortunately, the political situation in Nicaragua remains very difficult, as the next presidential elections are scheduled for November. Crime has increased significantly, so that stores have to close in the afternoon for security reasons. Food prices are on the rise and, as is often the case, it is the poorest who are hit the hardest. […]

Fundraising activities at the Ursuline School Hersel

The events at the Ursuline School always bring in a lot of donations and make up a large part of our income. Since these events could unfortunately no longer take place since the corona pandemic, the students, teachers and parents’ representatives have become creative and have set up several fundraising events of their own. We […]

The Pre-Christmas Season in Nicaragua

The last month of the year in Nicaragua is full of festivities and joy, family traditions and religious customs. Fireworks in all colors and shapes accompany the celebrations. Although St. Nicholas is not known in Nicaragua, the Gritería, a Catholic feast in honor of the Virgin Mary, is celebrated on December 7. In front of […]