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We all work for Momotombo e.V. on a voluntary basis. To finance our projects, we depend on donations.

Help us so that we can continue improving lives of people with disabilities!

Become a member of our donor support team

In addition to one-off donations, we particularly appreciate longer-term donor support as this helps us in planning our future activities. Our subscriptions start with only 10€ a year. So please become a member of our donor support team!

As a supporting member, we keep you updated about all our activities. You will receive our quarterly Newsletter which provides up-to-date information about Momotombo’s recent developments and project achievements. You will also be entitled to vote during our members’ annual general meeting.

Fördermitglied werden
Therapeutisches Schenken

Therapeutical gifts

Gift crutches and rollators!

We offer special presents for people who already have everything. At the same time, you support children with disabilities which participate in the project of our Nicaragua-based partner Los Pipitos.

These items will, of course, not be wrapped up as a gift or present but symbolically represent our work in Nicaragua.

How can you help?

You want to become active? We are looking exactly for people like you!

Once a month, we have a meeting in Bonn and those of us who do not live in the region can join us via Skype. We also host an annual three-day retreat in January to strengthen our team and to plan our projects for the coming year. We particularly require support for our undraising events! Otherwise, we keep it with the saying:

Everybody does, what he/she is good in!

Come along, contribute ideas, and get involved in Momotombo!

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Other types of support

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