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We all work for Momotombo e.V. on a voluntary basis. To finance our projects, we depend on donations.

Help us so that we can continue improving lives of people with disabilities! Of course, you will receive a donation receipt if you provide us with your contact details and, if you wish, you can receive our newsletter four times a year via email - this way you will always be informed about what is happening with your donation!

Become a member of our donor support team

In addition to one-off donations, we particularly appreciate longer-term donor support as this helps us in planning our future activities. Our subscriptions start with only 10€ a year. So please become a member of our donor support team!

As a supporting member, we keep you updated about all our activities. You will receive our quarterly Newsletter which provides up-to-date information about Momotombo’s recent developments and project achievements. You will also be entitled to vote during our members’ annual general meeting.

Fördermitglied werden
Aktiv werden – Erbschaften


Many people would like to support sustainable and good projects even beyond their lifetime. It is therefore possible to record the last will and testament in a draft that names all the people and matters of the heart that are to be considered in the estate.

This draft is then best converted into a legally watertight will with the help of a notary's office or a law firm with knowledge of inheritance law. In this way, Momotombo can also be supported beyond your lifetime.

Donate instead of giving gifts

There is a big celebration coming up? A round birthday, a wedding anniversary or a special family celebration?

If you don't feel like an oversized flood of gifts and would rather invite people to social engagement, you've come to the right place. We are happy to provide a donation box, flyers and other information material - true to the motto "Donate instead of giving gifts".

And of course there is a donation receipt for the entire donation at the end.

Aktiv werden – Spenden statt Schenken
Aktiv werden – Spendendosen


Our sturdy and beautifully designed Momotombo donation boxes are looking for a place in your practice, your store or any other public place where people who like to donate come together. Because that's exactly where we would like to be present and make Momotombo better known.

Of course, we provide the new location of our donation boxes with flyers and posters - if desired, we also come by for an informational talk and exchange. Every year we will give you a donation receipt for the collected donations.


In practices or hospitals, an office corridor or fitness studio - our travelling exhibition with impressive photos from Nicaraugua transforms empty walls into exciting spaces. Around 15 large picture frames show the country and its people as well as impressions from our therapeutic work.

We are happy to come to a vernissage, give a lecture and bring information material and donation boxes - so money can still be collected for our project during the exhibition period.

Aktiv werden – Fotoausstellung

Other types of support

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