About us

Momotombo e.V. – We support children with disabilities in Nicaragua

Our Organization

We are a non-profit organization supporting children with disabilities in Nicaragua. Our
executive board is composed of a group of young people who all share a personal relationship
with Latin America – as traveler, volunteer or student.

The foundation of our organization relates to previous volunteer work of Rudolf Heeg – our
chairman. After the completion of his training as physiotherapist, in 2010/11 Rudolf treated
children with disabilities on a daily basis in the Los Pipitos León branch. After his departure,
there was no local physiotherapeutical support staff which could continue this work. To address
this issue, we came together and founded Momotombo e.V. in 2011 – thanks to an initial
donation of Dr. Gregory.

Since then, a lot has been achieved and our work goes beyond a single focus on
physiotheurapeutical support. For more information, please got to “Our Projects”.

Everybody involved works on a voluntary basis and supports the goals of our organisation which
we agree on once a year with our supporting members.

Our Vision

We are convinced that social development cannot through a unidirectional knowledge and
resource transfer from the “global North” to the “global South”. Instead, achieving social
development requires fair exchanges at eye-to-eye level. It is particularly important for us that
the established structures and therapies profit the children in the long run and that their living
conditions are permanently improved.

Similar to Nicaragua, in Germany people with physical and mental health conditions confront
prejudice and discrimination. Momotombo e.V. wants to promote a more inclusive treatment of
of disabled people and foster intercultural exchange. As such, we work non-violent society based
on values such as tolerance and solidarity.

Our Name

The Momotombo is one of the most famous volcanos in Nicaragua. During its outbreak in 1609,
the nearby town of León was completely destroyed. The few survivors of the natural disaster
decided not to lose hope and to rebuild the town collectively. Therefore, the name Momotombo
stands for a strong community which manages to overcome even the most difficult obstacles, and
which moves forward with a joined effort.

Inform yourself here about our projects!