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Momotombo e.V. – we support children with disabilities in Nicaragua

Here you can find our newsletter with pictures, reports and news from Nicaragua, with actvities from Germany and achievements of our work.

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Newsletter 04, 2018 (December), topics among others: What's going on in Nicaragua? and what is Momotombo actually doing during the riots?

Newsletter 03, 2018 (September), topics among others: How does Los Pipitos experience the riots in Nicaragua? What is Momotombo planning?

Newsletter 02, 2018 (July), Topics among others: Riots in Nicaragua - How does Felix experience them?

Newsletter 01, 2018 (March), Topics: How is Felix doing in Nicaragua, What is the board currently doing?

Newsletter 04,2017 (December), topics and more: How does the new hydrotherapy affect patients? What's new from the Ursulin School?

Newsletter special issue 2017 ( November), topic: Visit of our board members in Nicaragua - current project in Los Pipitos

Newsletter 03,2017 (October), Topics and more: What was this year's World Children's Day like?- A trip to Nicaragua by Rudolf and Johanna - news from Los Pipitos?

Newsletter 02, 2017 (July), Topics etc: How is the situation at Los Pipitos in Nicaragua? - A new face: Who is our new volunteer? - Why did the USH-Momotombo e.V. team put on running shoes? - What was a Momotombo e.V. stand doing in the inner courtyard of Bonn University?

Newsletter 01, 2017 (March), topics and more: What do the funds of the Direct Aid Fund do? - News on voluntary service - Report of the conference - Fundraising campaigns

Newsletter 04, 2016 (December), Topics etc: Review of the year 2016 in Nicaragua - Actions in the USH: Advent bazaar, school fairs and class visits

Newsletter 03, 2016 (October), Topics and more: Tommis last report from Nicaragua - First preparation seminar of Johanna - Reports from Bonn - A nice surprise from our former volunteer Elisa

Newsletter 02, 2016 (June), Topics etc: Transatlantico-Party Series - Update from Nicaragua - Donation Campaign of the Herseler Pathfinders

Newsletter 01, 2016 (March), Topics etc: News about our projects in Nicaragua - Fundraising activities - Tommi talks about his work - Application start for new volunteer service

Newsletter 04, 2015 (December), Topics etc: Doctors treat children in León - Tommi's first greeting from Nicaragua - Lectures - Theatre at Drachenburg Castle - Melissa introduces herself

Newsletter Extra - Christmas 2015, Topics and more: Fundraising - Projects at Los Pipitos León and Nagarote - Special School León-Sutiava

Newsletter 03, 2015 (October), Topics etc: World Children's Day in Bonn - Fun with a Piñata of Momotombo e.V. - NEW: The Momotombo Telegram

Newsletter 02, 2015 (June), Topics etc: Report about Tommis first preparation weekend - Momotombo e.V. presents a photo exhibition - What's new from the USH? - Elisa reports from her trip to Costa Rica

Newsletter 01, 2015 (March), Topics et al: News from Nicaragua, a psychologist works for Los Pipitos - New Physio for León, Tommi introduces herself - Review of MV and Nicaragua Party

Newsletter 04, 2014 (December), Topics etc: Therapeutic Giving - Elisa's Everyday Work - Project of Local Physio

Newsletter 03, 2014 (September), Topics and more: Report from World Children's Day in Bonn - Elisa tells from Nicaragua - Review of MV and summer party - Momotombo becomes school project - Start of voluntary service application 2015

Newsletter 02, 2014 (June), Topics etc: Invitation to MV and summer party - World Children's Day in Bonn - Friedemann reports from León - Momotombo supports campaign for fair chocolate

Newsletter 01, 2014 (March), Topics etc: Rudolf locally - All-clear from Los Pipitos - New project ideas - First impressions from Friedemann - Review of the last volunteer year

Newsletter 04, 2013 (December), Topics etc: Disturbing news from Nicaragua - Volunteers prepared for 2014 - Ursuline school in action

Newsletter 03, 2013 (August), Topics and more: Momotombo now active in four places - New Physio for León

Newsletter 02, 2013 (May), Topics etc: First impressions from León by Anna and Timo - Fundraising campaign Anne Frank Centre - Job advertisement for 2014

Newsletter 01, 2013 (January), Topics etc: Introduction Anna and Timo - Annual review 2012 - Report from the Conference