Our Partners

Supporting children with disabilities.

Social Center
Los Pipitos León

Our main project in Nicaragua is based in León – the basis of Momotombo. In León, all project strands
meet and activities in surrounding branches are coordinated from here.

Los Pipitos León

As Momotombo we invest in people and in therapists who are able to help children. Our wonderful
team presents itself here.

Special-needs School

We want to establish a closer partnership with the special-needs school in León. More than one hundred
pupils go to that school, many of them also attend Los Pipitos.


Seit 2015 ist Momotombo eins von drei Schulprojekten der USH. Seit dem dürfen wir immer wieder für Vorträge oder Aktionen zu Gast sein und die Schule unterstützt uns mit zahlreichen Spenden.