Los Pipitos León

Our long-term partner in Nicaragua

Los Pipitos is an organization that has been advocating for children with disabilities in Nicaragua
for more than 25 years. Once founded as small parent initiative, Los Pipitos is today active in
almost 90 locations and counts over 75,000 members. Even though Los Pipitos experiences a
process of professionalization throughout the last years, most members of staff still work on a
voluntary basis.

The main idea of Los Pipitos is to give voice to families with disabled children. Under the
umbrella of Los Pipitos, families can exchange their experiences about different diseases and
related daily challenges. Thanks to support from international charities, Los Pipitos‘ work was
consolidated in some regions of Nicaragua and it was possible to hire professional staff such as
doctors, psychologists and therapists. Depending on the location (capitulos), the branches are
differently structured to meet the needs of each region respectively.

A center for early intervention was created in the Leon branch and, thanks to donations, a large
building was constructed which provides the required facilities for therapies and treatment.
Unfortunately, at the present moment, the funds are only sufficient to offer psychological and
logopedic sessions. In addition, once a week, two mothers host a sport group as well as a craft
and tailor lessons. Once in a while, parents also come together for seminars on topics such as
healthcare, child pedagogy, gender-related topics or the incorporation of families in
rehabilitation processes.