Special-needs School León-Sutiava

Give support to children where they spend their days.

The public special-needs school “Angela Morales Avilés” in León-Sutiava was founded on the
14 th of April 1974 as primary school. Today, the school has 45 teachers and trained
administrative personnel serving 134 pupils. The courses are formed depending on both age and
type of disability such as down syndrome, mental retardation, blindness, deafness, autism and
cerebral paresis. Aside from classic curricular activities, pupils can enrol in artisanal activities
depending on their skills. The school itself hosts workshops for bakery, arts, tailoring, carpentry
or gardening.
In addition, rooms are used to hold therapy sessions, logopedic or physiotherapy, which are
partially offered by Momotombo therapists.

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