Los Pipitos León Team

Only together we are strong.

Carla Patricia Meza Vargas

„I am a lawyer and a notary, and I have been supporting Los Pipitos since 2017. I have a child
with disability and I am member of the center. Formerly, I worked in the area of early
stimulation and realized learning sessions for the families. Today, I am working for Los Pipitos
in León coordinating the so-called ‘Learning for Life Center’.
What I like about the work with Los Pipitos is the support of families and children for a better
integration into society.”

We support children with disabilities in a variety of ways.
Learn about our beliefs, goals and projects here.

Roberto Hernández

“Since 25 years I have been working for Los Pipitos where I have made great experiences. It is
very important to me to accompany people with disabilities from their early years to support
them in enhancing their present and future quality of life.”

My current tasks:

  • I work in the areas of physiotherapy and early penetration where I develop individual
    development plans
  • I hold the first interviews with the families direct them to therapies that are suitable for their
    children. To do this, I write medical reports for children with developmental delay.
  • I support the multi-faceted activities of Los Pipitos León, for example through realizing domestic
    visits and running work-related errands with the motorbike. Together, we coordinate our work to
    facilitate child’s integration into a regular school.
  • Together with others, I offer trainings on different areas for the families.

As long as God allows me, I will continue my work here. Thank you very much!

Ema Quezada

Hello, I am Ema. I work with Los Pipitos in the area of communication and language. I attend
children with language or hearing problems. It is my goal that children develop their verbal
capacity to communicate better. This helps them to become an integral part of society and to
enhance their interpersonal relationships, for instance, with their family and community
members. I likewise try to help children to enhance their academic performance in school.

Here some examples of my work:
Angel Ramirez is a three-year old boy who came to us when he was two years old. He did not
speak but made noises. Only his mother understood him. We did some exercises with him to
stimulate the motoric skills of the mouth. Among others, exercises like puffing, inflating balloons
and kissing the air helped. His mother followed my recommendations and I continued working
with her son to strengthen his neck muscles. Today, Angel is able to communicate with his
family, has started going to school and has generally made great progress.”

Ena bei der Sprachtherapie
Mathilde 1

Mathilde Cadiou

“I am Mathilde and I am from France. I work with Los Pipitos León since January 2017.
I am a speech therapist, meaning I offer therapy to children who have problems with their
communication, their language and/or difficulties in swallowing.
Every week I meet Stiven who was born with a hearing disability. The therapy aims to help him
in distinguishing sounds and in recognizing them. Further, we train him in lip-reading. He is
already able to say some short prayers.
With Franklin (autism disorder) and his mother, we work on sensorial stimulation and the
development of communication skills through images. Franklin is now calmer.
Those are two of the 45 children I have attended this month.”

Cristina de los Angeles Pérez Lara

“I am a single mother and thereby both mum and dad for Juan José Rugama Peréz, a boy with
down syndrome who supports the center as facility manager.
My main tasks for Los Pipitos are: Sewing and handicraft support. After assessing the abilities of
the youths, I give them a role in the sewing workshop. Possible posts are using the sewing
machine, drawing sketches and cutting them etc. The youth group learns how to alter their
families’ and friends’ clothes.
Moreover, I support the center in the preparation and organization of events, do the costumes
for stage plays, dance and singing appearances and inform parents about the mandate of Los
Pipitos. I also exchange my personal experiences as a parent with a child that has down
syndrome with other parents. I talk to them about the necessary care and nurture required for
their children so that their abilities are recognized and that they can develop. Respectfully:
Christina Perez.”


Elizabeth del Socorro González

“My tasks are:

  • I clean the Los Pipitos Center.
  • I give appointments to the children for the first interview and other therapy units.
  • I take care of the list of daily therapy units.
  • I write the donation receipts.
  • I control the presence of employees and their working hours.
  • I write the invitation or information letters to the families, I keep the list of incoming donations
  • I support the different activities realized by Los Pipitos.
  • I counsel and support the parents of children with disabilities.”

Maria Auxiliadora Argénal

“I am the mother of a girl with autism. She is the blessing of my life. Thanks to her, I support the
center of Los Pipitos in León. It is a unique experience to support the center and to meet
wonderful people, colleagues and parents who fight for the children every day.
My support consists of making information about the TEACH method available to parents and
tell them about my own experience with my child. I share with them how the method helped me
and how it changed my life.
It is my desire to continue with what I feel is my obligation, to help and learn more to continue
supporting the center and the parents, as long as God wants.”