OurDirect Help Fund

Momotombo e.V. – We support children with disabilities in Nicaragua

The direct help fund, comprised of 500 Euros per year was established in 2015 by Momotombo
and is accessible for employees of Los Pipitos. This fund enables local staff to react to
immediate problems or changes. Unexpectedly, a child gets a dangerous inflammation that is
life-threatening? Money from the fund is used to buy life-saving medicine! A child with a
clubfoot needs surgery to have the opportunity to walk? This kind of surgery can be made
possible with this money. A child dies, but the family does not have enough money to pay for a
decent funeral? Los Pipitos can support the family financially to take due farewell of their child.
Another child needs glasses for school or a orthesis for daily life? The direct help fund can help
all these children!
Donate here for the direct help fund for the coming year:

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