Logopedics and pedagogy

Momotombo e.V. – We support children with disabilities in Nicaragua

Logopedics has a very central aim: Communication! The children learn how to speak and lose
their speech impediments. As a consequence, they are able to communicate without difficulties
with others. Naturally, this does not succeed one hundred percent in every case, but the
opportunity to communicate creates trust. If necessary, the children can also learn sign language.

The psycho-pedagogic stimulation aims to support teachers of the local special needs school.
Normally, around 15 pupils form one course, which makes it difficult for teachers to cater to
individual needs and abilities of the children. For this reason and to avoid losing potentials, we
started financing a qualified person in October 2015 to support the teachers. Her work is similar
to ergotherapy. It includes facilitating learning about colors, shapes and objects combined with
manual exercises. This improves writing, reading and calculating.

With your donation we can continue this support:

Veronika im Capítulo Nagarote